Hi, I'm Michael

I'm an artist entrepreneur obsessed with making life easier for people in the music world.

What I've done

I've played hundreds of shows, been streamed over a million times, and heard my music on TV once. I've worked with incredible artists, distributors, and both indie and major record labels, helping mostly with strategy, operations, A&R, marketing, and brand partnerships. I've spearheaded global campaigns with consumer brands and built bridges for them to work with emerging creators internationally.

What I'm doing

These days, I wake up as the cofounder and President of Treble, a music-tech startup that connects people in the music ecosystem through a network. I spend my downtime writing songs, studying philosophy, exploring crypto projects, consulting for creators and companies, and bringing ideas to life with no-code tools. I'm also gearing up to launch a startup studio this summer called Northstar for new business ventures.

Shoot me a text or email if you want to connect:
+1 (201) 581-0470 // michael@nstar.studio

Check out my #100daysofnocode journal here.